Worse still, the opposition defeated in Russian Federation Email List the electoral processes refuse to acknowledge that they lost and resort to destabilizing methods to oppose those who were victors. Bolivia for a long time and Peru recently, have realized this regularity, where the Russian Federation Email List concept of opposition is replaced by that of conspiracy. It is impossible not to recognize behind this conduct a continental project originated in US imperialism, which refuses to lose presence and control over the traditional hegemonic sectors. This is why we consider that voting is not Russian Federation Email List choosing. A part of the population with the right to vote does not exercise it.

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Either because none of the candidates Russian Federation Email List represents their interests, because by abstention they want to express a rejection of the system as a whole, or simply because they are not interested in participating, from their condition of citizens, in the political Russian Federation Email List destinies of the country by way of the ballot box. Those who vote, except for a militant hard core, choose “a product” presented in a package of promises and good intentions that soon disappear. Then the biblical miracle occurs, but in reverse, and the wine ends up turning into water. Very worrying is also the “adjustment of the agenda”. It becomes a discouraging practice that, shortly after having Russian Federation Email List achieved an electoral victory.


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The victors modify their campaign Russian Federation Email List proposals, retreating on points of democratic and popular content. Especially important are the cases of Pedro Castillo in Peru and Xiomara Castro in Honduras regarding the convocation of a Constituent Assembly. In both cases, they supported him during his campaign and, shortly after his electoral victory, they eliminated him from their project, giving little Russian Federation Email List or no reasoning to justify the reversal. The issue is very sensitive since, within the narrow margin of the institutionality of current democracies, using the democratic bonus granted by an electoral victory to advance to a modern constitution with popular content would Russian Federation Email List undoubtedly represent a democratic advance.

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