Today it is Gustavo Petrol who leads a Antigua and Barbuda Email lists socio-political process that relives that moment and emulates that emancipatory action. And of course, that oligarchy and its courtiers are nervous and with the creeps. So far the reaction of the US government has not Antigua and Barbuda Email lists been expressed, but since this ” republiqueta” has always acted as a colony and has been the spearhead of the empire in the region, they must be intervening behind the scenes. The clumsy alignment of the current Duque (and Uribe) government in favor of Trump prevents them from Antigua and Barbuda Email lists doing so head-on. In recent days, the electoral panorama in Colombia for 2022 has become more or less clear.

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The latest movements, pronouncements, Antigua and Barbuda Email lists plays and registrations of presidential candidates and lists for Congress (Senate and Chamber) are signs with which the future scenario can be drawn. . The “politicians”, parties and coalitions have been exposed. The Historical Pact and Petrol maintained the political initiative in 2021. Their dynamics and drive forced the presidential consultations to Antigua and Barbuda Email lists be more robust compared to 2018. Various groupings and coalitions will face each other that will be decisive in positioning the main candidates in the face of the first round (May / 22). In addition, these consultations will have some influence on the election of Antigua and Barbuda Email lists congressmen, although not as desired.


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The difference with 2018 is that there have Antigua and Barbuda Email lists been a series of ideological “leaks”, not so explicit or recognized. The causes of peace and anti-corruption are blurred, while other structural issues appear. The left veered towards the “center”, attracting Liberals and Greens; the “center” imploded and turned dramatically to the right; and the traditional rights, including “Uribismo”, ended Antigua and Barbuda Email lists up grouping around their strengths, which are none other than the mafias and corruption dressed as “efficiency”. The ” Pertest threat ” The political moment is marked by what the dominant castes have defined as the ” Pertest threat .” They and their advisers know that all the conditions have Antigua and Barbuda Email lists been presented so that – for the first time – a popular leader who has the profile, experience, preparation,

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