Following strong US opposition Dubai Email List at the Article 6 negotiations, developing countries failed to secure ‘international transfers of mitigation outcomes’, i.e., mandatory contributions to the Adaptation Fund from the proceeds of international Dubai Email List emissions trading among parties to the PA. The US and European Union also successfully blocked a ‘loss and damage’ fund to finance recovery and reconstruction after climate disasters. Thus, Glasgow failed to deliver any significant additional climate finance for poor countries – for climate change adaptation as Dubai Email List well as losses and damages.

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When many speak of a post-pandemic Dubai Email List and a return to normality pre COVID19, new strains of the coronavirus make themselves felt, in addition to discrimination in access to vaccines. Beyond the discussion about “normality”, the pandemic continues and spreads from the most impoverished countries, affecting even the wealthy that underestimate the global effects. It is a phenomenon that manifests Dubai Email List itself in that there are countries with less than 1% of their population vaccinated, such as the Congo, Chad, Guinea-Bisau; in addition to several between 1 and 2%, such as Sudan, Niger, Tanzania, Mali, Yemen, Madagascar, Burkina Faso or South Sudan; along with many Dubai Email List with less than 5% or 10%. On the other hand,


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countries with greater relative Dubai Email List development reach high percentages of their populations with three doses. [1] In these, the effects of the new strains that postpone the end of the pandemic are felt. Humanity is in danger beyond health and that is why it is necessary to discuss the productive model of capitalism in our time, the root cause of global warming and climate change and the set of social effects, among which the exploitation of force stands out. of work, the looting of common goods, widespread impoverishment and Dubai Email List concentration, explaining the reality of increased social inequality. With the imagination of the end of the health crisis and the rebound of the economy, several reports by specialists and international organizations pointed to the diagnoses of overcoming the economic and Dubai Email List social impacts of the fall of 2020.

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