Email marketing strategies continue to be an important. Part as one of the most effective tools. Due to their level of reach with audiences. Their high level of return on investment and their versatility for content distribution. Undoubtedly, the arrival of Halloween, which is celebrated in several countries. Begins the final time of the year in which consumption. Increases significantly, giving rise to the generation of various marketing strategies. In addition to the so-called ‘Halloween Night’. We can think of Christmas and New Year’s Eve as (almost) global.


In this context, email marketing is a highly valuable resource

For brands to connect with their audiences. Even more so if we consider that today, email readers, like communication and social networks, have a clear trend towards mobile, largely driven by the presence of services such as Gmail, the Buy Azerbaijan Whatsapp Numbers mobile version of Apple’s Mail , among others. In fact, new research by Return Path finds. From mobile devices far outpacing webmail (28 percent) or desktop (16 percent). percent).


Considering the above, marketers and brands that

Consider launching email marketing campaigns this final stage of the year. Should think that their messages must be compatible. With mobile devices, as this will increase. The chances that they will be better accepted by users. Only in markets like the United States, email as a marketing channel reflects a stable user rate, data from eMarketer project that for this year, there will be around 248 million users of email services, which is equivalent to a rate 76 percent penetration rate in the general population.

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