Research from a specialized marketing site indicates that. The Poland Phone Number way an email is written determines the image of the sender. Santiago chile we are constantly appealing to emotion. And humor when communicating some marketing and advertising message. But not all the public is the same, therefore. The reactions to certain formalities or informalities can be quite different. Logic indicates that it will depend on the target group. To Poland Phone Number which the content is directed. The way in which you should send it. However, it is still interesting to analyze a survey carried. Out by buzz stream in which nearly 1,200 people. Between the ages of 18 and 64, were interviewed on the subject. More related notes: you are doing email marketing. Terribly wrong how effective is email marketing? My dream job.

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Of the research has obvious differences in its segments (age, gender and educational level, plus demographic factors), but there are some cross-sectional conclusions that are interesting to consider. For most respondents, an email written in a formal tone indicates that the Poland Phone Number List sender is educated and intelligent; while an email written in an informal tone will generally correspond to a young and creative sender. Regarding gender, women seem. The Poland Phone Number way in which you should send it. However, it is still interesting to analyze a survey carried.

To Prefer a Slightly More Relaxed Language (45%) Because

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We consider it more real, coming from someone more trustworthy; while men say that formal language is much more convincing and authentic (17% vs. 10%) More than 25% of people of all education levels – college graduates, people with no higher education and those with intermediate education – consider the Poland Phone Number use of unfamiliar vocabulary in emails to be unacceptable. Graduates are the Poland Phone Number only group where more than 20% of respondents say more advanced vocabulary is acceptable.

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