I cannot say that in my visit to Chile I New Zealand Email Database have met someone who said that individual freedoms under Pinochet were lower than in Allende’s times.” Hayek had to imagine that someone they were all dead or there were none of them in the elegant salons to which he was invited in Santiago. The influential United States ambassador to the UN, Jeane Kirkpatrick, a well-known supporter of New Zealand Email Database military force to resolve philosophical and moral disputes, will also visit Chile in August 1981 and set it as a model for the rest of the world. A few months after his departure, Chile will plunge into another economic crisis, the one that the major northern newspapers will report in New Zealand Email Database fine print. None of the Chilean theorists, so well educated in Chicago, emerged out of nowhere with the coup d’état of ’73.

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When the sustained growth of the New Zealand Email Database left in Chile became evident in the 1950s, the sending of economics students from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile to the University of Chicago. Not to any department but to study under the direct tutelage of Milton Friedman and Arnold Harberger, the ideologues of the reaction against the current initiated by the four times president of the United New Zealand Email Database States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, by which the superpower returned, for a few decades, to social policies and for which he was accused of being a socialist. In 1958 Jorge Alessandri had beaten Allende by a minimal difference in votes and in 1964 the CIA successfully New Zealand Email Database financed Frei’s electoral campaign against


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Allende with at least ten million New Zealand Email Database dollars of the time. In 1970 the money was not so effective and Allende ended up beating Jorge Alessandri, for which the mafia in Washington resorted to the traditional Plan B for other poor countries: coup and military dictatorship to save the country from some fashionable threat against the Liberty. Thanks to this dictatorship and others in Latin America, the Chicago Boys, the New Zealand Email Database economists trained in the ideology of Friedman and Hayek, had a free hand to act in Chile and in other countries. This group, its ideologues and its apologists, focused their praise on the idea that it is they who New Zealand Email Database have promoted the “free market” and “individual freedoms”, two noble ideas if it were not for the fact that there is no free market under an absolutely unequal relationship. between countries but the opposite.

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