The current meager wealth of governments Syria Email Lists has important implications for state capacities to address inequality in the future. And to tackle the key challenges of the 21st century, such as climate change. This is stated by the hundred or so economists who Syria Email Lists participated in this research. Ecological and gender inequality Global income and wealth inequalities are closely related to ecological inequalities and in contributions to climate change, they argue. On average, humans emit 6.6 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per capita per year. However, the Syria Email Lists wealthiest 10% of issuers are responsible for about 50% of all issues, while the poorest 50% of issuers produce 12% of the total.

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But it is not just a problem of rich countries Syria Email Lists versus poor countries, as there are high emitters in low- and middle-income countries, and low emitters in rich countries. Thus, for example, in Europe the poorest 50% of the population emits around five tons per year per person; in East Asia, the equivalent 50% emits about three tons, and in North America about 10 tons. This is in stark contrast to the Syria Email Lists emissions of the richest 10% in these regions (29 tons in Europe, 39 in East Asia and 73 in North America). The report also reveals that the poorest half of the population in rich countries have already reached or are about to reach the climate goals for 2030 if the per capita calculation criteria are Syria Email Lists taken into account.


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This is not the case for the wealthiest Syria Email Lists half. Large disparities in emissions suggest that climate policies should target wealthy polluters more. Until now, climate policies, such as carbon taxes, have often disproportionately impacted low- and middle-income groups, without Syria Email Lists changing the consumption habits of the most powerful groups, the report emphasizes. At another level, in a world that recognizes and affirms gender equality, women should earn 50% of all income from work. But the reality is different: the participation of women in total labor income Syria Email Lists approached 30% in 1990 and stands at less than 35% today.

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