The environmental impact of these Indian Email List wastes lies in their components and how they are treated. They contain heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium, and dangerous chemicals such as brominated fire retardants, which affect the hormonal, nervous, reproductive, circulatory and urinary systems, produce allergies and even cancer. The risks posed by poorly treated WEEE or in landfills are the possibility that the compounds are released into Indian Email List groundwater through the subsoil or into the air during fires. According to the United Nations environmental program, “the practice of burning is frequent and the damage can reach global dimensions by Indian Email List emitting persistent organic and inorganic compounds, such as dioxins, furans and mercury vapor.” two.

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The sector most exposed to these toxic Indian Email List substances is that of urban recuperators due to lack of knowledge or the means to manipulate these components. Many of them –particularly unorganized workers– treat waste at home, including the incineration of cables or other materials, generating situations of contamination for them, their families and their general environment ”. Work reality of WEEE Indian Email List Electronic waste, in addition to being a serious environmental problem, constitutes new sources of employment, in tasks such as collection, recovery, repair, recycling, separation, disassembly, material recovery, export. More recently, computer data erasure also emerged as Indian Email List an employment opportunity.


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The International Labor Organization has Indian Email List been developing studies on WEEE and employment in Argentina, with a focus on working conditions, professional skills and the promotion of green employment. According to these reports, it is estimated that in the country the activities of collection, treatment, waste disposal and recovery of materials generate about 3,000 jobs, while the repair of equipment is Indian Email List responsible for another 33,000. Other studies differ significantly in the figures, which shows the difficulty of accessing comparable statistics in this field. In Argentina, according to the ILO, “in the segments of the chain that are economically sustainable – either because there is a market for recycled products or because of the support of a State agency – the activity is carried out with adequate environmental Indian Email List standards and creates quality jobs ”.

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