Broadly speaking, marketing 1.0 is based on the product, since it develops all its strategies around it. However, its evolution led to Marketing 2.0. This, unlike the previous one, develops strategies based on the consumer, is in charge of knowing them and satisfying their needs, in addition to highlighting their feelings and expanding their capacity to evaluate different products. It is the one that communicates, in addition to traditional media, with interactive media that promote the participation of society and thus obtain constant feedback. An example of this type of marketing was put. By Coca-Cola a few years ago. The reality of the banker Finally, Marketing 3.0, the evolution of marketing 1.0 and 2.0, is based on the values ​​of society,

So It Seeks to Reinforce the Integral Image of the Person and

Thus create a better and balanced world. In other words, it integrates both elements and adds strategies that are currently relevant for companies. As in the Uk Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists case of social causes and green marketing, in addition to being multidirectional. Therefore, it is current marketing, both for the brand and consumers, who found in it a way for strategies not only to remain in sales, but also to generate a real impact. The example of this strategy is put by MetLife. A work that

Helps to Understand This Concept Is “Marketing 3.0” by Philip

Uk Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists

Kotler the expert manages to prepare an. Index in which he tells us about how marketing. Has managed to evolve at a time when companies. Are interested in having a more. Human approach with actions such as social. Responsibility with which they have managed. To join the dynamics of the. Market in constant transformation.

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