But the crossing button at the traffic light and the thermostat in the office building are also often placebos. They do nothing, but make the wait shorter and the temperature feel better. And that progress bar while a site searches for your best offer? A placebo that will make those deals feel even better later on. Brain scans show: cheap wine really tastes better from the bottle of a beautiful chateau.

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A strong brand is also a placebo: you feel better in a Peugeot. Also read: Never again good: why you are more successful as a personal brand with a raw edge Do: tell customers what they are going to taste, feel, experience – the expectation creates the experience. 2. The sloth fly Many Lebanon WhatsApp Number List marketers underestimate the effect of a little extra effort or hassle. How much effort people are willing to put in for your product is rather disappointing. Researchers moved an unknown brand of chips to the center of the shelf (eye level is buy level) and immediately doubled its sales.

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Despite lovebrands and customer loyalty : if you have to give in, you’d rather grab something else. People follow the path of least resistance, including mentally. People follow the path of least resistance, including mentally. Nobel laureate Richard Thaler said, “If you want people to do something, make it easy.” Yet marketers and campaign makers often do the opposite: offer a lot of information and content, give a lot of choice, want to make people think. Of course, with some subjects you have to.

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