Despotic powers and the political governments of today. The democratic management of power does not allow for the existence of state officials who function like the ancient midwives. The personal choices of ministers or officials cannot be a safe guideline for behavior and indeed one that ensures a good testimony from the outside. After all if it is slightly dangerous for art to be directed by one man’s personal preferences it is infinitely more inescapable for it to depend on the preferences of a state body necessarily The artist must protect his ego not to exercise it at the expense of others but to use it as a shield against those who seek to conform him to a lowest common denominator dissolving his honesty and denying its difference.

The great American

Photographer Walker Evans rightly said that the artist is concerned with thoughts to which he attaches great importance while these are indifferent T-Shirt Design Service to the majority. ART AS COMMUNICATION The feeling of being different from the majority gives the artist a feeling of loneliness and alienation. This feeling painful by definition becomes more and more painful as the depth of artistic reflection and search increases. There is no artist who does not wish to be  to seek this acceptance. Of course this does not mean that the artist does not wish to communicate with his fellow human beings. But those who think that art is above all a form of communication commit the error of declaring as primary an eventual goal. The work of art has its creator as its main starting point and main destination.

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A bottle thrown into the sea by a shipwrecked man. He hopes waits and does not know. But doesn’t this also happen with all our important actions Our lives are Mailing Data Pro full of actions that we believe we owe or need to do the happy or unhappy consequences of which affect us but do not guide our behavior. The artist hopes to find patrons he would like to live from the exploitation of his works he would wish above all to win the admiration of his loved ones he would consider it a great honor and joy that his work pleases and even better educates fellow human beings but all these are contingent and uncontrollable results of his sole and dominant desire to create.

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