To power its ecosystem, Monarch has created a dual-token Ghana WhatsApp Number List structure consisting of the Monarch Security Token (MTS) and the Monarch Utility Token (MT). MTS is available to accredited investors (including the US). Verifiable silver through the Scottsdale Mint. Tokens on an ongoing basis. 50% of merchant plugin revenue is distributed weekly to security token holders.

How does Media Bloc work?

is not just a -enabled medical information system, it is also a -enabled patient-centric medical information system. Essentially, gives patients complete control over their medical Ghana WhatsApp Number List records, keeping them confidential under regulations. With , only patients have access to their medical data, as the private keys to unlock and  confidential medical data are provided only to the data owner.

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Them Will Likely Disappear

The token sale generated about $30 million from the nearly 3 million MED tokens distributed. This patient information management concept will help significantly Ghana WhatsApp Number List reduce the utilization of patient healthcare data, as well as various means of intervening in the unauthorized use of patient information stored in the  database by third parties.


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