Everything indicates that the “Ephemeral” messaging service snap chat intends. To become a content platform for brands media and professional. Musicians Mexico.- everything indicates that the “Ephemeral” messaging service. Snap chat intends to become a content platform for brands. Media and professional musicians related notes: snap chat a new way. Of recruiting digital marketing: snap chat now lets you customize snap. Codes the first social marketing campaign on snap chat. Snap chat is an app to communicate and find original content. In addition, it has a feature called stories in which users share videos. And photos (which disappear in 24 hours) with all their contacts. When it comes to what snap chat does with brands and media. The discovery section is a platform where media like vice. Bleacher report, MTV, cosmopolitan, among others, upload special notes. And news that users can share.

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company based in Venice Beach, California, also wants to be a tool for record companies and professional musicians. This week the service is where Josh Egg, who goes by the stage name Gold room, will premiere four music videos. Image: Snap chat. Image: Snap chat. A feature of Gold room’s videos is that they are made in. A vertical format like much of the Dominica B2b List content on the platform. To be able to see the music videos. Which will be released one every day between. Tuesday and Friday, it is necessary to enter.

The Discovery Section of Snap Chat and Tap on the Circle of

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The ghost it is the one in the middle where details about. The musician then appear that you are promoting and. It is indicated that the videos will be available for a week. It is still too early to know if Snap chat will remain in the taste of young people, media and brands, or if it will be able to reach levels of popularity like those of Instagram, but at the moment it is an emerging communication medium with which marketers they are experiencing.

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