Much less are there individual Nicaragua Email List freedoms, as these policies need multiple military dictatorships first, and later bank dictatorships over countries ruined and indebted by previous dictatorships. The free market and individual freedoms mean, under these policies,[one] Pinochet was not only economically harassed by Nixon, as Allende was, but, like so Nicaragua Email List many other friendly dictatorships on the continent, he received all the possible benefits (moral, ideological, military and economic) of the superpower. In October 1973, in a single month, Nixon approved Pinochet $ 24 million just to buy wheat, eight times Allende’s budget in the past three years for the same item. By 1974, Chile Nicaragua Email List received 48 percent of all food aid destined for Latin America.

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Do not let the great propaganda of Nicaragua Email List success fail. Despite everything, poverty and unemployment not only continued to grow in the so-called Chilean Miracle (a myth propagated and disseminated by the powerful ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation, founded by Paul Weyrich, Edwin Feulner and Joseph Coors) but also in the eighties, the country plunged into a painful economic crisis that Nicaragua Email List occurred simultaneously in other less successful dictatorships on the continent. Those who gave the country and its natural resources to the transnationals by force of a bloody dictatorship, were not called “sell homelands” but “patriotic saviors of freedom.” The ideas indoctrinated as dogma by a simple Nicaragua Email List strategic decision of the US agencies were not called “foreign ideas” either.


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It was a perfect, or almost perfect Nicaragua Email List operation. Another typical case of reverse ideology. The neoliberal mafia was always in charge of accusing any university group, social activists or critical intellectuals of practicing the ideas of the Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci. However, while the traditional left was Gramscian in its analysis of reality and by its natural critical resistance to power, the Nicaragua Email List international right was always Gramscian in the application of power through colonized ideas. Milton Friedman will return to Chile in 1981. After giving several successful lectures on his economic model applied in that country, Chile will sink into a deep Nicaragua Email List economic crisis.

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