Cerveza victoria achieved more than 8 million. 596 thousand impressions with #lochingónderusia. Replicated from 578 thousand 477 twitter. Accounts according to the specialized site tweetreach. The controversial shout in the stadiums which for. Some is homophobic is now the best strategy. To promote a brand towards the 2018 world cup in russia. More than 3.2 billion people watched at least one minute. Of a match at the 2014 world cup in brazil. Russia’s predecessor according to data provided by fifa. Brands know that it is a showcase with incomparable exposure. An opportunity that they only have every four years. Which is why some opt for large investments in promotions. Such as trips to the world cup but others. Bet on creativity this is the case of cerveza victoria. Which led today’s trends in social networks after launching. Its new campaign: #lochingónderusia. Which is part of a set of spots that complete. What the brand has managed for a. Long time #lochingóndeméxico.

The Campaign Has Been a Focus of Attention for Users of Social

Networks and media, since it refers to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, using precisely his last name to replace the Bulgaria B2b List word that is usually shouted in the stadium, left in Ehhhhhh, Putin !!! A life well lived: the flight of the Syrian video. Game developer At Cerveza Victoria. we turned the cry around because #LoChingóndeRusia is here. pic.twitter.com/39pGUs8mm4– Victoria Beer.
They achieved more than 8 million 596 thousand impressions with. The most important thing is that any. Brand can be relevant with creativity and having. Partners who become your partners.

Right Now There Are No Suppliers They Are People Who Share

Bulgaria B2b List

Your same philosophy and purpose. The campaign is a joint product of the strategist and his team, associated with Anónimo and Agüita de Limón. (digital agency) and Mediacom (media agency). Exclusively for Merca2.0, Noyola told us that Latex Mask is now joining, the firm that stands out for its creative t-shirts and with which the brewery will launch a special edition that will reach its stores and some others will be given away through social media.

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