They dive from one skin to another with great elegance. From multi-hyphenate in marketing The professional landscape in general is in constant evolution. In the early 20th century, specialization, also known as ‘Fordism’, was key . People were also very often satisfied with ‘having a job’. Today there is oxygen to be aware of this. Not only are our attitudes changing, but the way we work today is also changing.

Extremely eager to learn

The ‘9 to 5’ mentality had been under pressure for a while. All that is not new. The emergence of this new class of multi-hyphenates is new. It is driving the broader societal shift away from living with a single Hungary WhatsApp Number List career and embracing the desire to future-proof our careers in order to adapt to the rapidly changing workplace. Why should you choose a single job? It can also just be nice and-and, right?

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Brimming with ideas

Multipotentials are breaking down the career ladder as they know it today and making their own way across the landscape. They are increasingly finding their community and given their extremely inquisitive DNA, they also learn from each other very quickly and also grant each other the new ‘happiness at work’. Awareness only has benefits Recognizable? For me, this was a confirmation of what I’ve been feeling all my life! A true description of the nature of ‘my beast’.

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