That Russia influenced political propaganda. During the United States presidential. Elections by issuing ads on Facebook. And Twitter that encouraged the vote. In favor of Donald Trump, now, after testifying, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network presents his solutions. After Accepting That Russia Freely Manipulated. Propaganda on Facebook. The Company Finally Announced That It. Will Continue to Promote Political Ads. But First Advertisers Will Have To Verify. Their IdentiTies and Locations. Plus Their Ads Will Be Added to An Option. That Says “PAID FOR”, And That Requirement. Will Be Valid to Start in the United States.


In addition, The Company Plans to Build An Archive of Election

Announcements So That People Can Look At The Cyprus Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists Newspaper Library. While Self-Regulatory Advances Have Been Hailed As A Good Start, Lawmakers Also Introduced The “Honest Ads Law,” Which Consists of Stricter AD Rules for Political Advertising On Social Media. Regarding Marketing ADS, Facebook States That The Social Network That Runs Them.


That Is, A user Can Click on the “See ad” Button to See All

The Active Ads That Page is ON. Sending to Facebook. The First Tests Will Begin in Canada in December 2017 and Will Expand in the UNITED STATES UNITIL THE SUMMER OF 2018, BEFORE THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS. In mexico or not, since there will be presidential elections in 2018.

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