Gave in to record companies such as sony or universal and on april 30. It permanently closed its website international finally and after 6 years. Of legal battles. Grooveshark gave in to Mayotte B2b List the big record companies such as sony music entertainment or universal music group. And on april 30 it permanently closed its website. Related notes music for success music interactive display for nail polish. Streaming music services continue to gain ground before. The Mayotte B2b List
appearance of services that offered to share music legally and generate. Profits for the musicians who created the material. Such as spotify and deezer, there was grooveshark. A page with. A streaming service where users could upload their favorite. Music and share it with other consumers.

The Problem and the Legal Disputes Came When the Record

companies. Protested when they saw that the portal began to generate profits. At their expense the Mayotte B2b List page contained advertising and offered an ad-free. Premium version for a small fee grooveskark during the trials. The lawyers of escape media. The company that owns grooveshark, claimed that the music hosted on. Their servers was added almost entirely by users (about 35 million registered). However it was shown that they were the Mayotte B2b List responsible for uploading most. Of the thousands of songs in their library and not those. Who enjoyed their services. Escape media reached an agreement with the record. Companies to immediately end their streaming services.

Delete All Music From Their Servers and Close the Page

Mayotte B2b List

As well as their facebook and twitter accounts in order to avoid. Lawsuits that would reach 736 million dollars for copyright infringement. If you go to the grooveshark page you will find the Mayotte B2b List following. “despite the best of intentions, we made very serious mistakes. Failing to secure licenses from the copyright owners of the vast amount. Of music on our service that was wrong. We apologize. Message in the end they folded their hands and invite people to enjoy music legally like spotify. Dezzer or google play. The record companies won the battle, taking down services like napster. Limewire and now grooveshark along the way. The Mayotte B2b List message is clear they will not stand idly by against those.

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