Celebrating and reflecting are two actions that do not Switzerland Phone Number List usually go hand in hand. Celebration is an achievement, even if only the satisfaction of something well done, while reflection usually accompanies failure or error. Much more in political terms, since it is Switzerland Phone Number List not the euphoria of triumph but defeat, which invites with more force to meditate in depth on the currents that underlie the external scene of each event. However, the vertigo of the times places the challenges to come almost simultaneously with the glories of the present, so it is well worth Switzerland Phone Number List adding the analysis of possible horizons to the joys resulting from objectives achieved.

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Before doing so, it is worth Switzerland Phone Number List wondering if there is really something to celebrate in the midst of a dreadful pandemic, an increasingly accentuated inequality, a sharp environmental deterioration or the persistence of discrimination and violence in its different forms. The answer is yes, since the expansion of social Switzerland Phone Number List awareness of the need to transform these situations is a central element for their realization. Perhaps there is no unanimity or full understanding about the factors that motivate the worsening of living Switzerland Phone Number List conditions, but the social mobilization for alternatives for change is clearly becoming stronger and more determined.


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Celebration of political triumphs Switzerland Phone Number List During this year, the important and unexpected triumph of a rural teacher in the Peruvian elections, together with the resounding success of Xiomara Castro in Honduras, constitute two clear conquests of the common people in the face of the dictatorship of local oligarchies installed with the approval of the geopolitical strategy of dominance Switzerland Phone Number List of the United States. In the same way, the victory of a broad popular movement in Chile over the attempt to restore Pinochet fascism is the finishing touch with which the electoral year closes. Only a certain pain survives for the setback suffered by the representative of the Citizen Revolution in Ecuador against the power of the banking system, an event in which political persecution, intentional disinformation and Switzerland Phone Number List external interference were decisive agents of the outcome.

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