The company “Nord Stream 2 AG”, which is Qatar Phone Number List based in Zug (Switzerland), has decided not to transform its existing legal form. Only founding a subsidiary under German law solely to govern the German part of the pipeline. So the European benchmark for Gas has risen by at least 33% this week. The Druzhba maintenance shutdown and the delay in the Nord Stream 2 certification process come at Qatar Phone Number List the worst possible time. The EU is facing a massive energy crisis. Meanwhile, natural gas storage levels in Europe are the lowest since 2013. And these “unexpected” delays in the flows of natural gas and crude from Russia to Europe come before the Qatar Phone Number List first cold blast of the winter season .

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Already that energy inflation and supply chain Qatar Phone Number List disruptions due to the energy crisis and pandemic could combine in a “complex” way in a “winter of discontent”, fueling socio-economic instabilities in Europe. United States, Biden and the “Fall in SPR Reserves [1] ” The Biden administration would be absolutely “concerned” about stopping the rise in US retail gasoline prices. He would even have Qatar Phone Number List made a “move” where he asked President Xi to release part of China’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but JPMorgan-Texas has confirmed that it was “highly unlikely” that this would happen. In fact, China agreed, but it still followed the rising trend of oil. It turns out that the US SPR has seen declines for 10 consecutive weeks, during which more than 15 million barrels of crude have Qatar Phone Number List been removed.

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As we can see, the downward trend in the Qatar Phone Number List use and loss of SPR -strategic reserves- comes from March-September 2020, when a series of internal power crises in the US occurred, for example: the power struggle and confrontation between two financial fractions in the Qatar Phone Number List ICT market, which has an impact on all listed companies [2] . At 606 million barrels, the SPR is at its lowest level since 2003, and it looks like there will be more declines. As Bloomberg notes, the withdrawal of 3.25 million barrels from the SPR is the largest in more than a decade. Although the trend towards the loss of Strategic Petroleum Reserves began in 2011, in the post-global financial crisis Qatar Phone Number List of 2008-2009 and has not yet been reversed.

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