As we can see, the downward trend in the use Honduras Phone Number List and loss of SPR -strategic reserves- comes from March-September 2020, when a series of internal power crises in the US occurred, for example: the power struggle and confrontation between two financial fractions in the ICT market, which has an impact on all listed companies [2] . At 606 million barrels, the SPR is at its lowest level Honduras Phone Number List since 2003, and it looks like there will be more declines. As Bloomberg notes, the withdrawal of 3.25 million barrels from the SPR is the largest in more than a decade. Although the trend towards the loss of Strategic Petroleum Honduras Phone Number List Reserves began in 2011, in the post-global financial crisis of 2008-2009 and has not yet been reversed.

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Since the coordinated release of the Honduras Phone Number List emergency reserves –SPR- in March-September 2011 and the so-called “Libyan or Gaddafi uprising” with the “concurrent assassination of Muammar Gaddafi” in October 2011 by NATO, they had not been “spent ”Both of the storage caverns in a single week. In addition, it is also clear that the “use” of SPR –Strategic Petroleum Reserve- , of which so much is talked about, is taking place stealthily. But there is something else, despite releasing strategic oil reserves for 10 weeks in Honduras Phone Number List a row, gasoline prices at the pump in the US have risen more than 7%. Therefore, the use of strategic reserves is not intended for the North American domestic market.


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Perhaps they are being destined to present and future Honduras Phone Number List consumption of NATO? As in 2011. It is even important to note that the US and Biden have decided to stop confronting fossil fuel companies. But, although the increase in voices and dialogues is increasing, the Honduras Phone Number List concrete thing is that the international oil price has been rising since November 2020 in an accelerated way and without interruptions, although from October-November 2021 it has accelerated in the same way as He did it this February-March 2021. Putin Honduras Phone Number List and Biden, Marco meeting and shadow play It was confirmed that Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden would have what is advertised as a “long” conversation (via video).

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