When the Department of Defense Georgia Email List released its annual report on Chinese military strength in early November, one claim generated headlines around the world. By 2030, it suggested, China would probably have 1,000 nuclear warheads — three times more than at present and enough to pose a substantial threat to the United States. As a Washington Post headline put it, typically enough: “China accelerates nuclear weapons Georgia Email List expansion, seeks 1,000 warheads or more, Pentagon says.” The media, however, largely ignored a far more significant claim in that same report: that China would be ready to conduct “intelligentized” warfare by 2027, enabling the Georgia Email List Chinese to effectively resist any U.S. military response should it decide to invade the island of Taiwan,

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which they view as a renegade Georgia Email List province. To the newsmakers of this moment, that might have seemed like far less of a headline-grabber than those future warheads, but the implications couldn’t be more consequential. Let me, then, offer you a basic translation of that finding: as the Pentagon sees things, be prepared for World War III to Georgia Email Listbreak out any time after January 1, 2027. To appreciate just how terrifying that calculation is, four key questions have to be answered. What does the Pentagon mean by “intelligentized” warfare? Why would it be so significant if China achieved it? Why do U.S. military officials assume that a war over Taiwan could erupt the Georgia Email List moment China masters such warfare?


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And why would such a war over Taiwan Georgia Email List almost certainly turn into World War III, with every likelihood of going nuclear? Why “Intelligentization” matters First, let’s consider “intelligentized” warfare. Pentagon officials routinely assert that China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), already outmatches the U.S. in sheer numbers — more troops, more tanks, more planes, and especially Georgia Email List more ships. Certainly, numbers do matter, but in the sort of high-paced “multi-domain” warfare American strategists envision for the future, “information dominance” — in the form of superior intelligence, communications, and battlefield coordination — is expected to matter Georgia Email List more. Only when the PLA is “intelligentized” in this fashion,

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