Dehumanizing political adversaries, treating them Greece Phone Number List as less than human, is something that has always been used by fascists and totalitarians; Admiral Merino, let us remember, referred to the communists as “humanoids.” As they were less than human, they could Greece Phone Number List be exterminated, as was done in Chile. The Nazis referred to the Jews as “ticks.” Exactly the same terms that this candidate uses. (CNN Chile, Daniel Matamata. The minute of confidence 11/18/21). The vote of the Chilean people defeated these expressions on December 19 with the triumph of Gabriel Boric. In 2020, we have experienced the Plebiscite in Chile (04/26) on the Constitutional Convention Greece Phone Number List That proclaimed the unstoppable.

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Elisa London as its president, the Bolivian Greece Phone Number List Presidential Elections (05/03) with the triumph of the Arce / Choquehuanca duo in first return; the local elections in Mexico with a significant victory for Morena, consolidating AMLO’s triumph; the elections in the Dominican Republic (05/17), the legislative elections in Chile (10/26), the Greece Phone Number List Venezuelan ones (12/26), as well as other significant ones in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Costa Rica. More recently, in 2021, there were municipal elections in Paraguay (10/10), national in Greece Phone Number List Nicaragua (07/11) and legislative elections in Argentina (14/11). The cases of Peru and Chile The Peru is the most serious case.


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As sectors ultraconservative on the Greece Phone Number List offensive have moved from shouting for alleged electoral fraud and the attempt failed to annul the election results, to raise a point of presidential vacancy, also failed in his first attempt, less than four months from the start of the presidential term; and they would be involved in an international Greece Phone Number List conspiracy (USA, Spain) against President Pedro Castillo: almost all the politics of the second semester became an attempt to retrace the presidential election until next year. (Lauer, LR21.12.21) In Chile , the first round results placed José Antonio Kast with 27.91% and Gabriel Boric with 25.83%. The ultra-conservative Greece Phone Number List Kast, with a harsh anti-immigrant speech and the leftist Gabriel Boric, from Approve Dignity.

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