Ford, General Motors and Stellates, have Senegal Phone Number List agreed not to require vaccines for members of the UAW union. At this point the question could arise: how would the army react to eventual social rebellions? Here too we find concrete facts, which are surprising. The Senegal Phone Number List Oklahoma National Guard ‘rescinded’ the Pentagon’s requirement that service members receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The Pentagon cannot take action on this because it is not its jurisdiction, the National Guard troops answer to their governors. It is also true that the vast majority of Senegal Phone Number List National Guard funds come from the federal government, which threatens to cut them.

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However, the only way that Oklahoma would ‘lose’ any federal Senegal Phone Number List funding would be by not complying with Article 32, that is, by ignoring the legal order of the elected civil authority, in this case, the governor of Oklahoma himself who is on the side of the “rioters.” But, in that case, the Biden government, where the Globalists (Blackrock-Soros-Yellen-etc.) Dominate , apparently would not count on the Senegal Phone Number List army of the Republican States (the majority in numbers) to be able to face the rebellion. States and Cities with a majority Republican population continue to fight at all levels against the “authoritarian” mandates of globalist interests in the Biden government.


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These would be the modes and Senegal Phone Number List characteristics that the power struggle between the Globalist-vs-Continentalism interests and financial oligarchies in the United States is assuming. Giving shape, form and content to the larvae civil war that has been developing since the Clinton-Globalist Government repealed the Senegal Phone Number List Glass Steagall Act in 1999, releasing all the power of the large Financial Investment Banks to control and subordinate Commercial Banking . And from this to the industries. Of course, the Texas-Florida Continentalisms Senegal Phone Number List immediately responded with the knocks on the calls:[5] . And, on December 9, 2021.

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