This is where we are called to make an Qatar Email List evaluation of the recent electoral processes of the continent. 3.- When voting is not choosing and winning is not winning Our intention is not to analyze the results of the elections that close the year 2021, nor to make comparisons Qatar Email List between the figures for each year. We have already pointed out that we consider that they occur within the framework of a democracy in crisis and where the rules of the game make them not respectful of the majority wills. Furthermore, in each particular case the parties and candidates themselves have Qatar Email List made their assessments public.

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Our purpose is to insist on the lack of Qatar Email List representativeness of the elected officials, on the adulteration of the electoral results through the propaganda that accompanies the candidacies, on the foreign interference that disqualifies candidates and candidates, and on the Qatar Email List capacity of the media. of making the elections a marketing duel where the truth turns out to be a collateral aspect. We want to draw attention to certain regularities that occur in electoral processes and that constitute a wake-up call. One of them is that behind the candidacies we find political conglomerates, alliances or Qatar Email List coalitions that presume of plurality, but that, in my opinion.


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More than plural are multiclass, that is, their Qatar Email List distinctive stamp is not given by the sum of organizations with Similar political projects, but because behind a candidacy there are groups of tendencies of diverse ideological nature, which join forces in order to create artificial Qatar Email List majorities. Rather than having a common program, they have a common objective: to defeat the adversary by accumulating more votes than him, to prevent the continuity of a government project to which they are the opposition and / or to reach power to later distribute it based on the votes and Qatar Email List support. material that each of its components carried to achieve victory.

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