The following insights emerged from a small survey (N=47) among marketers, entrepreneurs, product developers, and web builders: There is therefore a clear gap between the importance of the GDPR and the ability of organizations to actually comply with it.

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No less than 93.6% of those surveyed indicate that cookies and the GDPR legislation are complex. People simply don’t know when you fully Spain Phone Number List comply and how you can achieve that. Add to this that the subject is seen as very boring (34%) and time-consuming (23.4%). All this creates circumstances where organizations make an attempt but are actually still in violation.

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Waste of time and effort. In this article, I describe, based on a comparison, how and where things go wrong and what you can do about it. Also read: Stop with those dubious cookie notifications [research & tips] What exactly goes wrong with cookie banners? To indicate exactly where it goes wrong, I use two examples.

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