United kingdom recently rapid campaign a mobile marketing company. Has released a study to explain the behavior of British users. Regarding promotions in the digital field. Based on the responses. Of 2,000 consumers the report has determined that 28% of customers spend more. On their purchases when they are linked to promotions or offers. But how to make a promotion impossible for the user to reject? Here are five helpful tips rapid campaign brings to the table. 1.- know your audience, but do not assume that a segment represents the whole. Do not bombard all communication channels (email, social networks, online store…). With the same promotions consumers like variety too. 2.- optimize the promotions for the mobile. The activity of email, social networks etc. Occurs more frequently from the smartphone.

If the Promotion Doesn’t Work on Mobile Phones, It Loses Most

Of the point. 3.- Use social networks. Especially if you want to capture the younger audience, the offers must be present on social networks. The user will assess whether, between promotion and promotion, the South Korea B2b List brand also publishes content of interest, not only oriented towards sales. 4.- Consider promotions as a conversion tool. According to the study, the retailer’s own website is the second favorite channel for consumers to receive promotions (the first is email).

Therefore, Using an Interactive Promotion as Part of the Purchase

South Korea B2b List

Process, integrated, for example, in the order request, could greatly increase conversions. 5.- Do not worry about the average value of the purchase. Promotion is a tool to attract customers and gain notoriety. Therefore, do not worry too much about the impact it will have on the economic results or the average value of the purchase, as it will probably be positive.

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