The systematic destruction of Central-African-Republic Email List nature and the theft of all the wealth that crossed their path now face a legion of men and women fleeing their countries because there is less than nothing left in those lands. At this time, addicts to geopolitical and geostrategic analysis fill pages and synthesize analysis in tweets, in which cross – of course – the United States, Russia, the ambitions and revenges of Belarus, the servile posture of the Central-African-Republic Email List Polish government, the the incompetence of the Baghdad administration, the menacing look of Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the laments of European rulers; laments always accompanied by Central-African-Republic Email List draconian security measures that seek to deter those others they so fear. In the case of Europe, of course, these laments did not exist.

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when countries crammed with Central-African-Republic Email List migrants (such as Lebanon, Iran, or prewar Syria itself) asked for help from the waning international community. While we are being sold this fragile chess game between world powers and regional allies, migrants, including hundreds of children, continue to look up to the sky and pray that the night’s chill doesn’t take away another life. Geopolitics and Central-African-Republic Email List geostrategy will neither feed them nor bode well for a dignified future. On the contrary, these analyzes increasingly function as a screen that does not allow us to see the root of the current situation on the Polish-Belarus border: the profoundly unfair system in Central-African-Republic Email List which we live and which, with rather tenuous nuances, is shared by the countries involved.


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Days ago, the German government Central-African-Republic Email List declared that 5,000 people had arrived in the country through Belarus. In early November, Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehorn demanded that the European Union (EU) “take measures” to stem the tide of migration towards his country. The official said that neither his country nor Poland “can face this alone”. Is it serious that the Central-African-Republic Email List German minister said that? That the self-proclaimed European power par excellence cannot receive 5,000 people fleeing devastation? It is estimated that at the Bruzgi-Kuznica border crossing, which links Poland and Belarus, there are currently 4,000 people. Only 4,000 people, including the elderly, men, women Central-African-Republic Email List and children. What to do then?

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