“If Allende had been allowed to North Korea Email List continue in power, it is possible that, in addition to a terrible economic crisis, thousands of dissidents would have suffered unjust persecution, jail, torture and thousands would have been assassinated ”. Fifty years later, in 2019, tsunamis of Chileans will fill the streets demanding a new North Korea Email List constitution to replace the neoliberal constitution approved by Pinochet in 1980. The neoliberal wall opens its cracks. For months, Chileans will be brutally repressed with impunity by the same repressive North Korea Email List forces created by Pinochet, a kind of legalized paramilitarism called the Carabineros. Before Pinochet, the Chilean army was constitutionalist.

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After years of ideological cleansing, persecution and North Korea Email List murder of dissident officers, it will be something else. In 2020, Pinochetist commandos such as Revolutionary Capitalism or La Vanguardia will organize violent actions against the tide of reformist protesters. One of the leaders of these extreme right groups will be identified as Sebastián Izquierdo. One of its partners, Roberto Belmar Vergara, will North Korea Email List confirm: “If you win the approval, believe me we will change the batons for rifles.” Despite everything, after a year of violent repression, the Chilean people will force the first plebiscite since the dictatorship. On October 25, 2020, eighty percent of the votes across the country will North Korea Email List demand a new constitution and almost the same percentage will confirm the need for a constitutional convention to draft it.


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Of the entire country, only the North Korea Email List majority of Colchane (a town of 1,700 inhabitants in the north of the country), of the Lo Barnechea and Las Condes de Santiago neighborhoods, where the upper-class-patriot resides, voters of Yes in the previous plebiscite of 1989 In favor of maintaining the Pinochet dictatorship, they will vote in favor of maintaining the constitution of their hero and benefactor. The COVID19 pandemic is being functional to the offensive of North Korea Email List capital against work, nature and society. Indeed, the regressive restructuring of the capitalist order, an essential policy of the way out of the crisis of the 60s / 70s, known as “neoliberalism”, deepens in this North Korea Email List conjuncture of convergence of health and economic crisis.

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