Then it will never be more than a pleasant day out. Rituals never stand-alone A ritual must match the narrative of the organization. When you design a ritual, do it context-consciously. Investigate what is already alive in stories Senegal Phone Number List and beliefs. Surprise, but also connect with the familiar. ritual Help ‘ chiefs ‘ to speak well to the ‘people’ It is often part of it.

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The CEO who makes the opening speech. But be honest: if a leader is just not that charismatic speeches, conduct an interview beforehand and record it. Stimulate all senses and learning styles Embed in well and build a backdrop for visually minded people. Provide music for those who are auditory. Schedule exercise for people who need to feel their bodies.

Senegal Phone Number List
Senegal Phone Number List

Provide brain food for intellectuals. And make sure that practical people can make something. Be consistent: make everything right Practice what you preach. If you pretend to be a new, tight organization, make sure that the time schedule of your event is solid.

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