In this, Louise Doorn talks with marketing leaders from Triodos, Ace & Tate, and Albert Heijn, among others, about the rapidly changing marketing landscape. 15. Shockproof Changes in the world of technology, innovation, and Costa Rica Phone Number List marketing. That’s what this podcast by Joris van Heukelom and Mark Schooners (known from The Brief ) is all about. 16. CRO.CAFE This weekly podcast is about conversion optimization.

Ideal Digital the best marketers

Or as they explain it themselves: “The world’s most exciting, raw discussions on experimentation, CRO, user research and digital marketing”. 17. Marketing Thinkers In this podcast Gijs Dellemijn takes you into the world of Facebook Ads and funnels. In addition, he interviews the best marketers in the Netherlands and finds out what makes them so successful.

Costa Rica Phone Number List
Costa Rica Phone Number List

18. Dates & Data& is a podcast by Job van den Berg who searches for practical experiences of data within media and marketing. Why? Making truly data-driven marketing success is a major challenge that many brands face. In the podcast, Job questions experts in the field on how they extract daily value from data.

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