Laposta isn’t a bad alternative to Mailchimp, but the editor leaves something to be desir. There are several design restrictions. You will not immediately find out when you get started, but the further you get, the more limitations you encounter and the more you will become annoyed by them. To name a few examples: the color of uploaded images differs from the original. And you can only choose from a limited number of fonts (although this is also the case with Mailcamp). In addition, you can use a maximum font size of 36px in text blocks. Larger is possible, but you have to choose a ‘title line’ block for that. Not impossible, but you just have to.

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Just like the line spacing (especially when using a larger font) and the background color of a column (consisting of several columns). There are ways to get the desired result, but you have to look for it carefully. The Namibia Phone Number Laposta editor is therefore, in my view, not the most user-friendly. Also read: How to find software that meets privacy requirements Another disadvantage of Laposta is that, if you use the free variant, you will have Laposta advertising under your email. And you can only get support by email if you need it. The other Mailchimp alternatives also allow you to get support over the phone. Screenshot of the Mailchimp alternative Laposta.


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Interface of the email tool Laposta. Interface Laposta. hellodialog Again, Laposta is not a bad alternative to Mailchimp. Certainly not if you have a small budget and want to get acquainted with email marketing without obligation. But there are other tools that give more freedom in terms of support and design. Like Hellodialog . This is a paid Mailchimp alternative that is slightly more intuitive and therefore more user-friendly. The tool offers more different links (more on that later) and more options in the drag & drop editor to make your email easier, faster and better. such as customfonts, storing ‘reusable’ items (called ‘snippets’ by Hellodialog), and a feedback and NPS element.

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