It has ebbed away by the second (tidal) wave. The 60 square meters I currently live in is shrinking by the day, and those walls are getting closer and closer. No energy, the thought ‘here we go again’ & the ‘what am I doing it for’ question appear too often. Fortunately and unfortunately I’m not the only one Fortunately , because from our natural role as a herd animal it is nice to get confirmation that your feeling is okay and to explain it.

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Because it is a worrying development that brings gloom. Because if we can’t use our imagination anymore, what do we get out of bed for? The human imagination is that which gives new impulses and which gives new energy. The crux of the matter lies in the origin of that Indonesia WhatsApp Number List imagination: for that most people need stimuli that surprise you. And now that everyone’s world has (again) become a bit smaller, those stimuli disappear like an autumn rain shower in front of the sun. Also read.

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New web texts? Don’t forget the self-mockery! Why the first wave did seem to provide a mountain of creative success The first wave suddenly forced us to look at ourselves, our (free) time and our business in a different way. You saw the most beautiful initiatives, both large and small: from a pub quiz and birthdays via Zoom to the support your locals movement and the home restaurant.

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