The average internet user might think that one had something to do with the other. So Wijkopenauto’s had to stop with the text ‘I want to get rid of my car’. 2019: brand ‘Ikwilvanmijnautoaf’ is not valid, competitor may continue? In the meantime, the proceedings at the Benelux office continue as usual. That decision was made in 2019. The two competitors did agree that ‘I want to get rid of my car’ is usually not a suitable brand.

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So it was only about the question: ‘was this brand ‘establish’ when it was register?’ You can only prove that with thorough market research. The researcher is not allow Kuwait WhatsApp Number List to direct this. Both parties had submit market investigations: Market research 1 went into the bin because it was only aim at the Netherlands, while it concerns a Benelux brand and people in Flanders also speak Dutch.

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Both from (slightly) after the filing date, and only among people with a driving license – led to a maximum ‘assist recognition’ of 48%. That’s just not enough. The trademark therefore had to be cancel according to the Benelux office. Unfortunately, it is not clear from the agency’s decision who formula the questions of all market surveys and whether those questions were check in advance.

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