As capitalists invest these trillions, global Bolivia Phone Number List banking and investment houses become intertwined with technology capital, as do companies around the world transition to cloud computing and artificial intelligence. By the second decade of the current century, the global economy came to be characterized above all by the twin processes of digitization and financialization. The third Bolivia Phone Number List actor in this triangulated block of capital is the military-industrial-security complex. The technology industry was born jointly from the moment of its birth in the 1990s with said military-industrial-security complex and with the global police state. Over the years, for example, Google has supplied the mapping technology that the US Army used in Iraq, stored the Central Intelligence Agency databanks, indexed the Bolivia Phone Number List vast National Intelligence Agency databanks.

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US security has built military robots, launched Bolivia Phone Number List spy satellites in collaboration with the Pentagon, and leased its cloud computing platform to help law enforcement agencies forecast crime. Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and the tech giants are completely Bolivia Phone Number List entwined with the military-industrial-security complex. The rise of the digital economy blurs the boundaries between the military and civilian sectors of the economy, and brings together finance, military-industrial companies, and technology companies around a combined Bolivia Phone Number List process of financial speculation and militarized accumulation.


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Apologists for global capitalism argue Bolivia Phone Number List that the digital economy will bring with it highly skilled and well-paying jobs and thus solve the problems of social polarization and stagnation. It is true that the first generation of digitization in the last years of the 20th Bolivia Phone Number List century created well-paying jobs for some highly-trained workers, producing new armies of workers in technology and finance, engineering, software programmers, and so on. Yet digitization produced a much larger mass of low-skilled, low-wage workers, and also widened the ranks of the Bolivia Phone Number List superfluous workforce.

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