Bina Agarwal, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Sabine Armenia Phone Number List O’Hara, and Clovis Cavalcanti (ISEE, 2021). However, in the historical review it is possible to verify that the intellectual and pioneering bases are found previously. Without attempting to exhaust all the intellectual bases of this approach, among the most prominent are the sociologist Patrick Geddes (1854-1932) who, in his reflections, resembles Armenia Phone Number List society as a great complex machine that absorbs and dissipates energy. Thus, the economic system behaves similar to a biological system. Under the same idea of ​​the economy as a biophysical and evolutionary system, the mathematician Alfred Lotka (1880-1949) took up Boltzmann’s Armenia Phone Number List principle to point out that the evolution of the organic world was a struggle for energy.

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Another of the great pioneers who Armenia Phone Number List influenced the study of biological factors and economics is the chemist Frederich Soddy (1877-1956) in whose seminal work Wealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt (1926) establishes the principles that relate the economy and the world. energetic. For the author, it was important to distinguish between the energy that a job produces because it is this that Armenia Phone Number List generates wealth. Therefore, the opulence or poverty on the planet is synonymous with the scarcity or abundance of the energy available for work. Within the revolution of thought appears the work of a brilliant economist such as Kennet Boulding (1910-1993). In his work Earth as a space ship (1965), he considers that the earth must become a spaceship to escape the problems that human beings have generated in the Armenia Phone Number List physical, ecological and social environment.


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The human species was used to such an Armenia Phone Number List immense space that its waste was not a problem. In modern times, society faces the problem of increasing entropy (for more details on this term you can consult our collaboration available at . In this way, the possibility of survival is determined by the ability to generate productive processes that fully recycle natural inputs. Finally, one of the top and Armenia Phone Number List elementary works for ecological economics is The Entropy Law and the Economic Process.(1971) by Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen (1906-1994). This Romanian economist broke the dominant paradigm about an economic system closed to energy exchange and static while pointing out that every social system is subject to the force of entropy. In other words, all human and productive action requires energy. In such a way that, after using Armenia Phone Number List that energy, it is no longer possible to reuse it.

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