On the other hand, open pit mining, monocultures, oil extraction Belize Phone Number List through fracking, among others, have generated a series of environmental problems, territorial conflicts and social injustices. Large infrastructure projects or productive activities have turned their Belize Phone Number List consequences against rural, indigenous and poor communities due to the clash of visions. On one side, Along the same lines, the ecological economy recognizes the efforts of the communities in the fight to defend the territory and in the construction of energy and production management proposals. Among them, Ramachandra Guda and Joan Martínez Alier stand out with their ecology of the Belize Phone Number List poor and popular environmentalism .

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This demonstration goes against the Belize Phone Number List argument that the rich are the ones who best take care of the environment thanks to the maturation of their environmental awareness and the political attitude of the citizen towards their environment. The two Belize Phone Number List authors agree that the environmentalism of the developed world lacks a cultural roots as it is considered superfluous, while from the indigenous and rural communities there is a relationship with the systematic and cultural nature. Likewise, Barkin et al.(2020) highlights the radical ecological economy approach as a current that consolidates this type of society, improving their quality of life and conserving their Belize Phone Number List ecosystems.


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Ecological economics understands that the Belize Phone Number List environmental crisis must be approached from different perspectives, scales and dimensions, which is why it is not limited to the work of the communities but rather builds analytical frameworks that allow the Belize Phone Number List construction of alternatives at the sectoral level. Industrial ecology outlines the economic process as the whole of production, distribution and consumption without detaching it from the social and biological dynamics. To integrate the successions, the concept of metabolism is retaken, now of an industrial Belize Phone Number List nature, in which the productive dynamics is assimilated to nature subject to energy limits In this regard.

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