By removing the crown from his Macedonia Email Lists head and placing it on his son’s head, the monarch would withdraw to Portugal and guarantee the continuity of the colonial bond, hardly changing its shape. Instead of going from colony to republic, Brazil has gone from colony to monarchy, with a monarch of the Portuguese imperial family Macedonia Email Lists as the first monarch of an independent country. And slavery was perpetuated, being the last country on the continent to end slavery. From that moment on, the history of Brazil was very different from the history of other Macedonia Email Lists countries on the continent. It only managed to end the monarchy and slavery at the end of the 19th century.

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When black workers ceased to be slaves, there Macedonia Email Lists was already a Land Law, in the mid-nineteenth century, by which all lands had been appropriated by landowners. Blacks were no longer slaves, but they continued without land. The issue of independence in Brazil was closely Macedonia Email Lists linked to the issue of race and the issue of land and poverty in the country. This is the price the country paid for the elite pact, which prevented its independence in the early 19th century. That is why other countries have their independence leaders as great national heroes: San Martín, Bolívar, Artigas, O’Higgins among others. Brazil does not have those characters, because its independence Macedonia Email Lists was made through an elite pact.


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At other key moments in Brazilian history, there Macedonia Email Lists were elite pacts. In the Revolution of 1930 itself, led by Vargas, which promoted great transformations in Brazil, it was carried out under the slogan of the phrase of Antonio Carlos, then governor of Minas Gerais: “Let’s Macedonia Email Lists make the revolution, before the people make it” , synthetic expression of the elite pacts. When Brazil later abandoned the military dictatorship, democratization took the form of an elite pact. Instead of through direct elections, which probably would have chosen Ulysses Guimaraes as the first democratic president of Brazil since the 1964 military coup, who had a program of structural reforms for the Macedonia Email Lists country, the election of a president chosen by the Electoral College

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