intentions to generate a boycott against Netflix as a result of the arrival of the content produced by the Obamas. Confirmed that it would have reached an. Agreement with Barack Obama and his wife. Michelle Obama for the generation of. Various content that would be distributed. Exclusively through the streaming service. During last March, he gave some details about what could result from this collaboration. The publication indicated that among the content plans, Barack Obama could lead debates on issues that marked his presidency, such as health, immigration, as well as foreign relations or climate change. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama could appear on a show dedicated to nutrition, a subject that the former first lady is passionate about. However, none of this has been confirmed by the platform. Although this might seem like a good strategy for the platform, the truth is that the first reactions of users cast doubt on this premise.
From spaces such as Twitter, many users have expressed their intentions to generate a boycott against Netflix as a result of the arrival of the content produced by the Obamas, due to the concern that the platform will adopt political overtones.

In This Line Netflix Is ​​forced to Think About Its Next Big

Move although it is true that the image. Of the former president of the united states and his wife. Can generate empathy among many subscribers. It is also true that the association could generate. The opposite effect in other audience niches. Beyond the political position defended by. The Cyprus B2b List different groups of audiences that. Little tolerance that users have when seeing their. Brands relate to political issues. A recent study signed by 4a ensures that at least. In the eyes of the consumer betting on this. Path represents more risks.

Than Benefits for Brands the Research Findings Indicate That

Cyprus B2B List

67 percent of marketers believe that changing. Values ​​are making brands more interested in corporate. Responsibility and values-based marketing. 58 percent of consumers are not agree that. Brands involve their marketing strategies with political issues. However, audiences say that they look. Favorably on those brands that take a positive. Stance on issues such as the fight against. Racism inclusion or gender equality.

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