Youth Union. In turn, the writer Latvia Email List Oscar Rojas Thiele points out that there is no doubt that a powerful minority establishes a dictatorship in various areas of politics in Bolivia. Until about 16 years ago and for several decades, this group used to exercise power through military coups, conservative parties and dependent and Latvia Email List privatized administrative models, which left the State in ruins. For this sector, the watchword and strategy is to terrorize and not let the government rule. On the other hand, since last November, the Bolivian journalist and Latvia Email List psychologist Verónica Zapata reported that on the first anniversary of the government of Luis Arce and David Choquehuanca,

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The Civic Committee pro Santa Latvia Email List Cruz, led by the far-right Rómulo Calvo (ally of the coup leader Fernando Camacho) began an indefinite strike with roadblocks. The excuse for the strike lies in the rejection of a package of measures, mainly Law 1386 on the Latvia Email List Legitimation of illicit profits and financing of terrorism. The objective is to carry out another coup and / or create a climate of such ungovernability that it causes the resignation of Luis Arce, not without mounting internal discussions and strong political disputes between the main political figures of the Latvia Email List Movement Toward Socialism (MAS-IPSP ).


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The indefinite strike is part of a destabilizing Latvia Email List onslaught that began with the electoral defeat of the MAS during the subnational elections last March. Several coup plotters triumphed there electorally, including the leader Fernando Camacho. For their part, Arce and Latvia Email List hoquehuanca together with the Tupak Katari federation and the Bartolina Sisa organization, announced a town hall on November 14 in La Paz in defense of democracy. For his part, Evo Morales announced a march for November 23 from Oruro, which plans to arrive in La Paz on Latvia Email List November 29. Let’s look at some elements of the March.

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