Casado and convince him “in the general New Caledonia Email List interest of Spain” of the imperative need for a PSOE-PP Government of National Salvation after the 2023 Elections. Agreement that would have the blessings of the establishment The ultimate objective would be the return of the PSOE-PP bipartisanship and the adoption of cuts following the dictates of the European Troika to avoid the rescue. These measures will translate into a dramatic reduction in New Caledonia Email List social benefits that will affect the duration and amount of unemployment benefits and will stage the metamorphosis of the ’78 Regime through a sweetened reform of the current Constitution in force to New Caledonia Email List implement a monarchical, Bonapartist State. and Eurocentric, following the maxim of Gatopardismo (“Change everything so that nothing changes”).

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However, the health pandemic, the New Caledonia Email List subsequent economic crisis, the political disaffection of Spanish society motivated by the bloody cases of corruption of the political-economic elite and the discredit of the Monarchical institution will make such schemes review, (including the thesis of the supposed national reconciliation propagated by the “mass media” of the time of the Transition), for which New Caledonia Email List a process of catharsis and subsequent collective metanoia in the Spanish State seems inevitable that will crystallize on the horizon of the next Quinquennium. On December 14, Havana hosted the XX ordinary Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our New Caledonia Email List America (ALBA-TCP) and the commemoration of the 17 years of its founding by the commanders Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez.


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Very important meeting at a time when the United New Caledonia Email List States (US) has intensified the unconventional war and its media and economic asphyxia components, mainly against Cuba but also against Venezuela and Nicaragua. At the same time that it has been tried to repeat in Bolivia the coup d’état forged by Washington and the local oligarchy at the hands of the OAS in November 2019. In Cuba and New Caledonia Email List Venezuela, the empire has taken the application of the blockade to unprecedented levels, cruelly reinforced during the pandemic with the clear purpose of causing sensitive deficiencies and suffering to their peoples. All this in the midst of a deepening of the unjust international economic order that has increased the rates of poverty, unemployment and inequality in Latin America and the New Caledonia Email List Caribbean during the pandemic.

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