Neoliberal intervention concentrated Norway Email List for years on reactionary reforms of the relationship between capital and labor, dismantling the protective logic built by decades of class struggle led by the labor movement. In the first place, the “power” of workers in the production territory was destroyed, with an immediate effect on the decline in unionization and the advance in job insecurity, affecting the resistance capacity of the labor movement and weakening Norway Email List the response. strategy of the subaltern classes. It is a structural phenomenon that proved fatal during the pandemic, with the deliberate shutdowns of the economy during the recessive 2020, and more so now, with the Norway Email List recovery of 2021 that privileges profit over employment and wage and popular income ( retirements and social benefits).

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This phenomenon explains the rise in Norway Email List prices due to inflation that threatens the “stabilization of the world economy”. In this regard, the IMF points out: “The resurgence of the pandemic and the latest variant, omicron, have considerably exacerbated the uncertainty surrounding the global economic outlook.” [one] Let us confirm that inflation explains the dispute over the appropriation of Norway Email List socially generated income: between the owners of the means of production, capital, and the whole of society that lives off the sale of labor power, be it regularly or irregularly. The note issued by the IMF states that: “It would be up to the Federal Reserve to accelerate the gradual reduction of asset purchases Norway Email List and advance the upward trajectory of interest rates.


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” It is a suggestion to the hegemonic Norway Email List power of the capitalist order to restrict the monetary issuance policy, the direct consequence of which aggravates the situation of dependent and heavily indebted countries with variable rates applied to their indebtedness. Let us also Norway Email List agree that inflation affects the consumption capacity of the society that lives on fixed income, which is the majority of society. If you look closely, prices go up mainly in strategic areas for the reproduction of life: food and energy. On the subject, the released note states: “Rising energy and food Norway Email List prices have driven inflation in many countries. These global factors may continue to fuel inflation in 2022, especially high prices for staple foods.

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