The romantic creativity of a young man did not have. The Guatemala Phone Number expected response. Even so, the video went viral. Revealing the little witch in us. International. It usually happens when someone surprises us, we don’t know how. To react and on many occasions, our response to surprise. Is not good. This is proven by this viral in which the girl ruins the proposal. Of her future boyfriend and becomes a “Witch” long. Before starting to flirt. In three days, the video on youtube already has about 6 million views. What do you think is the marketing lesson ?More related posts: viral: for a compliment you cannot make a complaint. The Guatemala Phone Number viral and its engines. Three christmas jobs that will surprise you. Chimpanzee shoots down a drone and the video goes viral.

In Addition to Being Viral Which Is Already an Obvious

Element associated. With the industry it was probably made clear in the Guatemala Phone Number first paragraph. But first, let’s relate the situation. Daniel pena decides to ask a girl to go with him to Guatemala Phone Number List the prom. What? Creatively. He has programmed the road signs to ask her “will you marry me? It is not a joke. Will you go to the dance with me?” the young woman’s reaction is curious. “What a stupid way to ask someone to go to the dance with you.” he doesn’t say anything, until he asks, “Well?” then she just realizes that her partner. Made the effort and that she just ruined everything.

She Then She Starts Crying Daniel Surely Expected Another

Guatemala Phone Number List

Reaction and therefore had the idea of ​​recording the entire. Story (in fact the real proposal begins at minute 58 seconds). Let’s go back to Guatemala Phone Number the initial question: what is the marketing lesson in this proposal? There are at least three you can be creative. But if you don’t know your audience well, the result of your proposal is not guaranteed. You can know your audience, but even so. The result of your strategy is not necessarily what you expect. They are people, changing and emotional there will always be a reaction. The Guatemala Phone Number ideal is that you consider all the possibilities. So that it is positive.

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