Important and urgent: highest priority Important, but not urgent: these are the things that will make a difference in the long run. Urgent, but not Honduras Phone Number List important: Many of the things that come in between one day seem immensely urgent. But how important are they to you? Not important and not urgent: you would like to do as little of this as possible.

Short Break a great excuse to

As Rick Pastoor writes in Grip things that you do, but that won’t really benefit anyone. Sometimes these activities are a great short break from work, but usually, they are a great excuse to put off your important work for a while.’ Does everything seem important?

Honduras Phone Number List
Honduras Phone Number List

Then divide a (digital) sheet of paper into four areas and put all your to-dos in the matrix. Making it so visual can help a lot. Such an Eisenhower matrix can also be used very well if you get a lot of ‘urgent’ or requests from colleagues in between. Where in the matrix does it belong? What has to give way if you comply with this request, and is it worth it? This gives you a good basis for doing or not doing things (and communicating that to your colleague).

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