Unlike the short-term protection offered by Jamaica Phone Number List vaccines, the protection gained from infection has proven to be long-lasting and comprehensive . The logical thing would be to have a debate about what to do then. We note, however, that there is an international obsession to Jamaica Phone Number List have 100% of the population vaccinated at all costs and to apply a third or fourth vaccine. For the month of December 2021, we can expect the implementation of more authoritarian measures: more people vaccinated and those who resist may be exposed to increasingly Jamaica Phone Number List harsh penalties, particularly in the United States.

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Those not vaccinated will be Jamaica Phone Number List considered outcasts of society. Vaccines against COVID-19 are listed as the ticket to access the “privileges” of community life. Which is the reason? They condition the population to the idea that being part of society is not a right, but depends on the extent to which one is willing to comply with the Jamaica Phone Number List dictates of the government, no matter what they are. These COVID-19 mandates have at the same time created and may create a new scenario of major protests at the international level, threatening another failure for globalist forces to impose their Economic Reset. The struggle revolves especially around bodily autonomy Jamaica Phone Number List and individual sovereignty in the face of massive,


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coercive and authoritarian assault and the right to Jamaica Phone Number List individual sovereignty over one’s own life. We have to understand that after the defeat at COP26-Scotland, the globalist actors are in a “desperate” situation to impose their Economic Reset [3] in any “way”. The transnationals of global communication and the “globalist governments” have produced an incredible amount of noise about the Jamaica Phone Number List new variant of COVID, the “Omicron”. As with hysteria-19 episodes in the past, it was fueled by globalist forces. The new variant of “hysteria” originated at Imperial College in the United Kingdom. Imperial College has been the source of countless versions of the propaganda of a “new strain” of Covid-19 in Jamaica Phone Number List order to spread the “fear” of virtual communication terrorism [4] worldwide .

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