A tour operator who had register the SNOWTREX brand show no use other than a print screen of a landing page. According to the judge, this was not ‘normal use’. Moral of the story: Proving that your brand has been use normally in the previous 5 years can be tricky , so do your homework. In particular, make sure that you: continues to use the brand consistently in the various communications, even in invoices. Where possible, date or date the communications with the brand (such as a catalog with a vintage).

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Archives the expressions per category, such as advertisements, POS material and catalogues. maintains lists of business customers and points of sale. save old websites and pages somewhere. On Senegal WhatsApp Number List the basis of this type of evidence, a lapse claim can be convincingly defend in many cases. Trademark rights can ‘revive’ As a trademark owner, as long as someone else has not yet object, you can still claim your exclusive trademark rights as soon as the trademark is put into use.


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Trademark rights can therefore ‘revive’. A company with a stock of old brands that have not been. Use for a long time, but which are still register, can take advantage of this. 4. Don’t change the brand too much It may happen that during an update of the house style, not only the house style, but also the brand undergoes a makeover. For example, by adding or removing a new word element. Or by adapting the logo. This changes the trademark compare to how it was originally register.

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