Social media accounts where you mainly lost a lot of money. Which ultimately yield nothing except an exhaust dopamine system. You will see that you will feel a lot lighter. You might get the inexplicable need to take a walk in the woods. Or to start a conversation in real life. Making that impact.

from the film De Ververdeling

Which bring you closer to the goals and dreams that you pursue as a person, entrepreneur or professional. Column – The film about the Deventer murder case premiere on 2 September. In De Ververdeling you fall from one surprise to the next. Earlier, a book and a podcast Australia WhatsApp Number List were made about the bizarre case. Maurice de Hond and the media have a special role in the story.

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And a leading role for the Halo effect, a bias from psychology… What can you learn from this? After listening to the podcast De Deventer Mediazaak it became even clearer to me that many people suffer from the Halo effect, which occurs in our subconscious. It’s a cognitive bias in our brain. If we don’t consciously pay attention to it, it can have major consequences.

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