I decide to ask them. Hema has three hashtags that they keep an eye on, if they are use in combination with HEMA. They may place that content on their own account. If it concerns children or babies, they will ask for additional permission. They then find it ‘nice to ask for permission’. They use to do this for all content, but they no longer do that: ‘it turn out not to be necessary.

Hema has three hashtags

People are almost always happy when their post is taken over by HEMA and they are mention in it. And, says HEMA, ‘our community is well aware that we may include their post in our feed.’ If people turn out not to be happy with it, they delete the post again. Is that as it Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List should be? New. Because it is of course also possible that there are customers who are not active in the HEMA community and are therefore not prepare for this, but who still use the hashtags because of the reach of the hashtag.

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They Then Find It

HEMA has only chosen not to explicitly request permission for non-privacy-sensitive content, because they always receive permission when aske and people are positive about the posts. They take for grant the individual who is not positive about it and with that they solve it. Example: Insta repeat This account is not very active, but what it mainly does is share collages of photos that all look alike and are posted on Instagram. The idea: you’re really not as original as you think.

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