Ayres and Ayres (2001) consider it vital to emphasize the Belarus Phone Number List inputs, outputs , flows and cycles of the materials throughout the process, therefore, To conclude, it is important to point out the contribution of ecological economics to understand, internalize and develop alternatives to the environmental crisis from a different analytical perspective. Taking up the pioneering works of Belarus Phone Number List economists, biologists, chemists, sociologists, among other disciplines, allows this current to have an intellectual platform that clearly manifests the need to reconsider the abstract models of economists. For Constanza (1996), multidisciplinary analysis is essential, including an epistemological and ontological change in the method of analysis with respect to the logical positivist method, as pointed out Belarus Phone Number List by Spash (2012) and allowing a plurality of methods.

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It is crucial to recognize the current productive Belarus Phone Number List and energy scheme as a conflict situation that requires work from different trenches and scales of economic and human activity instead of fighting for one and only one environmental policy for each country. Therefore, this current offers alternatives from community, regional and industrial work starting from the economy-society-nature relationship Belarus Phone Number List beyond a monetary aspect but recognizing the set of complex relationships that implies values, worldviews, excluded actors, losers, historical conditions , resources and possibilities from which alternatives can be proposed that allow changing the current state of things and moving towards different Belarus Phone Number List production schemes that meet the needs of a nation.


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The recent elections in Chile led to Belarus Phone Number List interesting debates, with no possible synthesis. Each analysis starts from a combination of irreconcilable assumptions and perspectives. Is it possible to go against and beyond capitalism? It is the question that has motivated my reflections for a long time. Regarding the Chilean electoral result, I pointed out in networks the following day: “Gabriel Belarus Phone Number List Boric will be President of Chile for the electoral social mobilization of yesterday 12/19/2021. A mobilization preceded by others: a) for a Constituent Assembly with a plurinational claim, in full development and with important expectations to reverse the backwardness and the right-wing Belarus Phone Number List Pinochet; b) other previous ones, in October 2019 and, the rebellion of the “penguins” of 2011.

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