From now on the financial times newspaper will. Offer a new digital advertising format through. Which advertisers will be able to acquire. Advertising space by the hour when they wish to. Carry out campaigns in the online edition of this. Publication related notes: the key to the. Digital advertising market will be programmatic buying. Investment in digital advertising approached 900 million. Euros in 2013 post-it transforms the ads that haunt. You on the web into the messages you need to remember. The financial times has explained that the cph or “cost per hour” has. Been created to “increase the effectiveness of marketing”. With this new proposal developed by chartbeat. A new system that will also offer advertisers. The possibility of knowing how long the. Brands that lent themselves to this pilot phase.

Including Bp Ishares and Ibm, and Given the Positive Results

That gave rise to a increase of one million dollars. On the total income now it is decided. To offer it to the Slovenia B2b List rest of possible advertisers. During the test period there was a significant increase in. Brand recognition among users while. The advertisers of the publication were guaranteed 100% visibility. For five seconds or more according to chart beat ceo tony haile. “cph values ​​quality over quantity. Or reader engagement over click.

The Financial Times Has Been Able to Optimize the Data for

Slovenia B2b List

More effective inventory and to serve ads in the most. Efficient placement the result is 10% more ad view. Time compared to a cpm campaign with. The same investment. To expand this new digital marketing system. The financial times is working with other publishers. Globally to develop and. Increase use of the newcomer cph.

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